3 Simple Methods to Enable Dark Mode in Chrome Easily


The value of Dark Mode on devices cannot be overstated. Having this feature on smartphones and laptops makes the user experience more pleasant and allows people to spend more time looking at their screens.

The popular and anticipated feature of Extreme Protection for Our Eyes is known as Dark Mode. Many apps now support this function, which is why it’s so popular.

If we’re talking about Google, the company has made this function available in Android 10 for the first time. You can quickly turn on Dark Mode on your Android 10 with one click.

It is important to understand what dark mode is before learning how to turn on or enable it, Chrome dark mode on windows 10, Chrome dark mode on Chrome PC, Chrome dark mode on Android, and all the possible methods to enable it on Android and Windows.

Enable Dark Mode in Chrome

The Dark Mode feature transforms your screen’s background colour to a deep dark. This not only changes the background colour of any objects displayed on-screen but also makes them more transparent. By using Dark Mode, you can reap a number of benefits.

The first advantage of the dark mode is that it protects the eyes from harsh light. It also aids in the prevention of blue light emanating from the computer screen.

Dark Mode is a colour shift that makes the screen look like it’s in low light. It’s similar to night mode or blue light filter, which shifts the colour of the display to low illumination. It helps save battery life by lowering the amount of light on the screen, and your gadget may last longer as a result.

The dark mode also has a feature of greater time engagements, which means you can use your mobile or computer for longer because dark mode protects your eyes from itching and blurring.

Enable Chrome Dark Mode in Windows 10, 8.1, 8 later.

If you would like to enable the chrome dark theme or chrome night mode on a windows computer or laptop, follow these same steps as above. Just like on Android, you can use these same steps here too.

  • On your laptop or PC, open the chrome browser and type “chrome://flags” in the search box.
  • To open the Experiments section of your chrome browser, type ‘dark’ into the search bar.
  • After finding ‘dark,’ select the first option and click on ‘default.’ Finally, enable the experiment by selecting ‘enabled.’
  • Click the ‘Relaunch’ option.
  • Finally, finish up!

With this easy-to-follow guide, you can turn on dark themes in your Chrome browser on Windows and laptops.

Enable Chrome Dark theme from chrome web store Extension

The most accessible and commonly used method for chrome night mode is downloading a dark theme from the Chrome web store. You can find many themes for your browser with a simple search.

To get the dark theme or a dark mode appearance in your Google Chrome, follow these easy instructions.

  • Visit the chrome web store to select your desired themes. If you wish to enable dark mode, be sure to choose a theme with this option from the store.
  • Choose your theme and open it.
  • Add the theme to your Google Chrome browser by clicking on the “Add to chrome” button.
  • Finally Done.


To apply the dark chrome theme to Android and Windows, follow the method above. The following steps will allow you to turn on dark mode in Google Chrome. Using these easy methods, you may quickly enable Chrome dark mode or evening mode.

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