Difference between Laptop and Desktop: which is best for you?

If we talk about the difference between a laptop and a desktop, you have to know the computer vs. laptop, which is best for you while purchasing.

In the time of purchasing a computer, many people get in confusion whether to buy a laptop or a desktop. Some people prefer to buy a desktop, and some people prefer to buy a laptop.

 So, in this case, many people have a question about the difference between a laptop and a desktop or what the difference is between a desktop laptop. Due to laptop and desktop differences, some people may have a question regarding laptop vs. desktop. Which is better? So, let’s discuss the difference between a laptop and a desktop and find out computer vs. laptop which is best for you.

Laptop Vs. Desktop: Which is Best?

Price or Cost

If we talk about the difference between laptop and desktop is price. In comparison, desktops are cheaper than a laptop. We can get a desktop computer is cheaper as compared to a laptop. For example, we may get a desktop computer with 8GB RAM and a 2.5GHz processor at 30,000. But if we buy a laptop with the same features, we may not get it at the same price as a desktop. 


If we talk about portability, then it is sure that a laptop is 100 times better than a desktop. We can carry out our laptops anywhere with us to perform our tasks. But in the context of the desktop, it is not easy to carry out daily work. 

On the other hand, the desktop is also portable if you want to perform & expend much of your time on the computer. You can perform any tasks easily by sitting at the table. So before purchasing the computer, you must focus on what purpose you will buy.

Screen Size

If we talk about another difference between laptops and desktop is screen size. The reason for choosing a laptop and the reason for choosing a desktop also depend upon the size of the screen that you want. You prefer a desktop if you want to perform your task on the big screen. 

Similarly, suppose you want to perform any heavy tasks like playing games, video editing, and software development. In that case, the desktop will be the right choice for you because you can use the screen size according to your choice by changing the size of the Monitor. 

If we talk about laptops, then laptops have a default screen size that we can’t reshape. So, if you want to perform heavy tasks & with a big screen, then the desktop is the best compared to a laptop. 

Future Upgrading

Another difference between laptop and desktop upgrading. You can easily upgrade or change the desktop parts compared to a laptop. Changing the parts, RAM, CPU & processor of your choice is easy. You can use a CPU from another brand & Monitor from another brand. If we talk about the laptop, it is not an easy task to upgrade the parts & components. Although we can upgrade the components, the laptop’s parts require an expert to perform them.

Real-time Performance

If we talk about a laptop’s performance, it does not perform a smooth action compared to a desktop. We can’t get the best performance that we get on a desktop. So, in the context of computer vs. laptop, which is best? We can say the desktop is best than the laptop. 

Both systems have equally important to us. So, people’s choice depends upon the budget, portability, size of the screen, what you want, needs of upgradient & performance. 

From my side, I recommend you choose desktop because desktop has a good performance & easy upgrading process.

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