Easy Steps to Open zip file on Android Phones


While downloading files and documents on the internet, we get different file formats to see. While downloading the packages, documents, and necessary files, these files are downloaded in either a .zip file or.RAR file. 

Zip and RAR files are quite different file systems where all the documents and media are kept in an encrypted form. The zip and RAR file system is a file system that includes the data, documents, and media in compressed form. Compared to a normal file, it is quite difficult to open a zip file on an android or an Android device.

In Zip files and RAR files, the users can easily save large files and data into a small drive. This is because Zip and RAR files compress more files and data. Zip and RAR are computer folder systems that compress more data and make secure encrypted packets. We can find a different app to open the zip file. Compared to normal files and folders .zip and . the RAR folder system is more powerful and secure, but to open this, you need a zip file opener. To open a zip, you have to find the right app to open the zip file

Open zip file on Any Android Phones

You can follow the different methods to open the zip file on your android mobile phone. Among them, here we will explain the best and easy method to open 7z files or Zip and RAR files. A zip file and RAR file are different from a normal file, so it requires decryption tools and methods to open this type of file.

Method 1 – Using Es File Explorer

To open any zip and RAR files using Es file explorer is easier than another file manager. With the help of Es File Explorer, one can extract any zip files to a normal folder to use it easily.

open zip file android using Es file explorer

  • Open the Es File Explorer app (app to open zip file) and choose the .zip and.RAR file you want to open.
  • Tap on the option of .zip or.RAR file and extract it or tap on Unzip to open a zip file on your android device.
  • It will unzip it and show that .zip files as folder format.
  • Finally Done!

You can also open the zip file on your android mobile phones by directly opening any zip files using EsZip Viewer. It is one of the best apps to open zip files on your android device.

Method 2 – Using WinZip

Another most used app to open the zip file in android is WinZip. WinZip is one of the best zip file openers through which you can open the .zip and.RAR files in one tap.

  • To open Zip and RAR files using WinZip, you must first download the app from the play store for free.
  • After downloading the app, you have to open it.
  • After opening, you must locate the .zip, RAR, or any compressed files to open or unzip it.
  • Using WinZip, the zip file opener, you can easily open and create the .zip or any compressed files. 

Method 3 – Using RAR App

Like Es file explorer and WinZip, another best app to open the zip file in your android is using RAR App. RAR app is the app that helps to open compressed files and folders. Using RAR App, the users can extract files and use them easily without corruption.

Users can also extract the Zip files with this app. RAR is one of the best zip file openers. To open Zip and RAR files using the RAR app, you first have to download and open them.

To extract any RAR and Zip files using this app, you must find and locate the files and folders. Choose the file you want to unzip and tap on “Extract.” Extracting process may take some time after that you are done.

Method 4 – Using Google Files

The best method to open a zip file on android is using the app from the side of Google. The best app to open the zip file in your android is using the app ‘Files by Google. This is one of the best zip file openers, which opens any compressed files and folders in a single tap.

Files by Google app is one of the best file manager apps for android. It is one of Google’s official file explorer apps for Pixel phones. Files by Google app provides a different feature than the normal file manager. It features as a file transferrer, facilitates cloud backup, helps share the files to other ‘Files App’ users, Browses files, etc.

  • Download and open the app.
  • Find the Zip file that you want to open or unzip.
  • By selecting the Zip file, tap and hold, then choose the ‘Extract’ option to unzip or open.
  • Finally Done.

Using this simple method, you can open any Zip and RAR files on your android device easily and securely.


Here we have discussed how to open Zip and RAR files in our android or iPhone using a zip file opener. Open zip file android is easier using the different free apps from play store. In this post, we mentioned the best app to open zip files in your android and iPhone.

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