Understanding the CPU and GPU: All about CPU & GPU.

Did you know what is CPU in a computer is? CPU is the brain of the computer & what is GPU? It is graphical programming. Let’s see the difference between CPU and GPU.

In the age of technology, many of our works are done through electronic techniques & tools. Among them, the most used devices are computers & smartphones. More than 60% of users engage their half times in computers & smartphones. To use computers & smartphones, many hardware & software components are used. If we talk about computers, it uses a mouse, keyboard, RAM, motherboard, CPU, GPU, etc. in computers & smartphones, we can find the CPU. It uses GPU, RAM, ROM, etc., but did you know all about CPU and GPU?

What is a CPU in the computer?

CPU is the basic element or component of a computer & smartphone. CPU is also called the brain of a computer. What does CPU stand for? CPU stands for the central processing unit. CPU is the hardware parts of a computer & smartphone that helps run all the programs & software in our device. It helps to run the operating system regularly. 

       CPU is a small cheap located in the motherboard of the computer. An increase in the CPU capacity increases the processing speed of computers and devices. So, more CPU is best for better and smooth performance. CPU is also called a Central processorProcessor & Microprocessor

Uses of CPU

CPU is used to perform the essential and all tasks of the computer system. CPU is used to handle and perform the basic & general activities. It is used in tasks like MS-word, the internet, playing media files, calculations, etc. 

CPU manages all the basic tasks, like input & output processes, arithmetical tasks, etc. CPU process all the tasks & command given in the system and throw-out the result of the output.

What is GPU? 

GPU is a graphical calculation of a computer. It is an advance or upgraded version of the CPU. What does GPU stand for? GPU stands for Graphical Processing Unit, which is used for graphical programming in computers. GPU is also called a helping agent of CPU because GPU is made to overcome the load of CPU

What does a GPU do?

GPU helps minimize the CPU load by making the calculation of many graphical elements faster. GPU controls all the tasks on the screen, like videos, animations, graphics, games, etc. The use of GPU is more in gaming software because there is the use of high graphics & animations in games.


The graphical programs used in pc are called GPU in pc. GPU is used on pc for performing graphical tasks & also as a useful component in video editing & gaming purpose.

GPU In Mobile 

Like in pc or computer, GPU on mobile is also the same. GPU is used in mobile to perform the graphically related purpose, minimize the overload of pc and increase mobile speed.

Difference between CPU and GPU

CoresThe use of cores in CPU are less as compared to GPU.The use of core processor is more in GPU. In GPU there is the use of multi-core processor.
TaskCPU is used for performing the normal & basic tasks.GPU is used for performing the graphical tasks.
PurposeIt is used for basic & general purpose.It is used for specific purpose.
TechniquesCPU cores is based on serial processing.GPU works in the basis of architecture cores.
MemoryConsumes more memory as compared to GPU.Consumes less memory as compared to CPU.
SpeedThe speed of CPU is less as compared to GPU.The speed of GPU is more as compared to CPU.

Difference between CPU and GPU

Now let’s talk about CPU and GPU differences or the difference between CPU and GPU.


In CPU, there is less use of cores compared to GPU. So, the CPU’s working capacity is less than that of the GPU. In GPU, the cores used are more than the CPU, which increases the computer’s speed. So, this is the first difference between CPU and GPU.


CPU is treated as the brain of a computer because it carries out all the tasks of the computer system. Where GPU helps the CPU to make the task of CPU easier by handling the graphical programs of the computer. GPU is used for performing specific tasks in the computer system.


Another difference between CPU and GPU is that the CPU is used for the system’s general, basic & regular purposes. It performs a task like a file copying, internet browsing, playing media files, calculations, etc., on another GPU for a specific computer task. It controls and processes all the graphical & visual contents of the system.


CPU works based on cores serial processing where GPU uses architecture cores to act. CPU can perform a single task at a time, but GPU performs a multi-task at a single time. It also helps in the improvement of video and screen quality.

Speed & Memory

CPU has a slow performance in actions as compared to GPU. The CPU consumes more memory to perform any task, but GPU requires less memory than the CPU when performing the tasks.

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